Konfessions of a Karwa Driver

A (fictional) tale of a day in the life of Doha’s forgotten men. Faceless, nameless and anonymous to most of us. The Karwa driver. What’s it like to drive a Karwa all day and who are the men who sit behind the wheel? I have no idea and this story probably won’t tell you but […]

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Getting my Hair ‘Qat’

As I wandered through the wild frontiers of Al Sadd, I narrowly avoided death by sidestepping an open manhole, an impatient driver using the pavement as an extra lane and an electric drill tunneling through the heart of the district. This was just another day in Al Sadd. I was on my way to the […]

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Yes or Nobu?

In a city where 5 star hotels and luxury restaurants are two a penny, I needed to find somewhere special to take my wife (also my editor and motivational guru) for our first wedding anniversary. Thankfully her brief experiment with vegetarianism was over but sadly for me Burger King wasn’t going to cut the mustard. […]

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